“We own and operate a wholesale transport business in SEQ delivering milk and dairy products to approx. 500 customers. For the last 9 years, we have exclusively sourced our refrigerated bodies and refrigeration units from Icehawk. We previously used bodies and fridges from various other suppliers but found none of them quite hit the mark. The key differences we have experienced from the others to Icehawk include: flexibility in design/materials, component longevity, maintenance costs, spare part availability, knowledge base of personnel and real world performance. Each of the others lacked some/all of these vital requirements. Since changing exclusively to Icehawk, we have never had any component failure issues with the bodies and routine maintenance of the fridge units is carried out quickly and efficiently. Everything is made in-house as opposed to being imported from overseas. As our freight is very temperature critical, and the common use by our clientele of laser temp guns, we cannot afford to have any problems. Not once in the 9 years have we had a temperature related problem. I can thoroughly recommend Icehawk for bodies, fridge units and service far and beyond what their competitors have to offer.”

Norkatu Pty Ltd