Icehawk Refrigeration Units

Icehawk off-engine drive transport refrigeration units. Designed & built in Queensland, by Australians for Australian conditions;

  • Chiller units to 10 pallet with or without 240volt electric standby.
  • Freezer units (-18°C) to 6pallet with or without 240volt electric standby.
  • Frames & covers manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel lightweight & durable.
  • Inverter powered Axial fans on electric stand-by models – Quieter operation, lower power consumption & brushless – up to 4 times life span of competitors.
  • Large condensers are size matched to evaporators – lower head pressure in high ambient temperatures.
  • Units are free of solid state controls – easier trouble shooting & repair.
  • In-cab digital controllers & temperature display – simple & user friendly.
  • Smart design – Evaporator refrigerant flow not restricted by EPR or CPR valves, parts readily available “off the shelf” Australia wide, easily services Transport or Commercial refrigeration technicians, no computer diagnostics needed & quality manufacture 1 year warranty.

Kingtec K598D / K698D series units are designed for fresh, frozen and deep frozen applications on the 33~52m3 medium-sized refrigerator trucks, which are designed for use with totally chlorine-free R-404A refrigerant, powered by special clean and silent diesel engine, which provides maximum cab clearance and reduced truck body height on conventional chassis. The cubesaver evaporator and optimises space below the evaporator for all types of cargo. Lightweight aluminum frame allows for increased payload.